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Digital Nations is an international forum
of leading digital governments.

Founded in 2014, our collective goal is to harness the potential global power of digital technology and help one another to become even better digital governments, faster and more efficiently through sharing and learning from each other. Each participant agrees to lead by example and contribute with its expertise on a non-binding, voluntary basis. The participants are connected by the principles of user needs, necessary safeguards, open standards, open source, open markets, open government, digital inclusion and accessibility, digital skills and training, co-creation and experimentation, and sustainability

About us: About Us

Mission Statement

We, Digital Nations, lead digital government transformation for the benefit of our citizens.


We do this by:


  • Developing cutting-edge digital policy and practice

  • Sharing approaches and best practices among members

  • Advancing members' international influence

  • Strengthening relations, building expertise and connecting digital leaders globally

About us: About Us
About us: About Us

Key Documents

November 2022

Digital Nations Ministers met on 1-3 November 2022 under the chairmanship of Sang-min Lee Minister of the Interior and Safety of the Republic of Korea, to discuss the digital government agenda with the theme of 'Agile and Active Digital Governance'.

November 2021

The DN Charter is a non-binding document that outlines the key principles and governance for the Digital Nations group, signed by Ministers at the annual summit to reaffirm the commitment of the member country. The Charter was reviewed and updated in 2021.

November 2021

Digital Nations Ministers met virtually on 18 November 2021 under the chairmanship of Chris Philp MP, Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy of the Government of the United Kingdom, to discuss the digital government agenda in line with the theme of ‘Digital Government in Open Societies: Sustainable, Inclusive, and Values-driven Innovation’.

November 2021

The Digital Nations affirms the principles of a sustainable digital government, with a focus on environmental sustainability. As Digital Nations members, with the relevant government departments and agencies responsible for digital public services and operations, we will strive to reduce the potential negative environmental impact of our governments’ digital operations and contribute to climate targets, while delivering responsible, resilient digital services.

November 2019

Drafted by the Data 360 working group, this shared declaration was presented at the D9 Ministerial Summit in Uruguay in 2019.

November 2018

Written by the Artificial Intelligence working group, this framework was adopted at the D9 Ministerial Summit in Israel in 2018.

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November 2016

Busan declaration indicates the future of the D5 and the nine principles of the D5 Charter.

This declaration was signed by ministers at the 3rd Digital-5 Ministerial meeting in 2016.

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