Artificial Intelligence

Group Lead: United Kingdom


The Working Group on AI will act to support Members in the fulfilment of the "Shared Approach for the Responsible Use of AI by Governments" adopted November 2018.

This established the following goals:

  1. Understand and measure the impact of using AI by developing and sharing tools and approaches

  2. Be transparent about when and in what context we are using AI, starting with a clear user need and public benefit

  3. Provide meaningful explanations about AI decision-making, while also offering opportunities to review results and challenge these decisions

  4. Be as open as we can by sharing code, training data, and other relevant information, all while protecting personal information, system integration, commercial integrity, and national security and defence

  5. Provide sufficient training so that government employees developing and using AI solutions have the responsible design, function, and implementation skills needed to make AI-based public services better


The Working Group will now focus on aiding Digital Nations members in the practical execution of those goals It will do so by:

  1. Developing empirical baselines that can help members identify the most effective actions and opportunities they can adopt as Governments

  2. Facilitating access to resources that support coordination and sharing of best practice

Key Questions

  • As commissioners of AI for public service, what are the best frameworks we can design to champion responsible adoption of AI and drive market creation benefits?

  • Where in Government can we adopt AI to deliver the greatest benefit?

  • What are the barriers we need to address to accelerate sector-wide AI adoption by business?

  • How can we best meet demand for AI talent, and promote a universal, inclusive approach to doing so?

  • How else can we work together to leverage benefits from access to scale through collaboration?