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Digital Governance

Led by the Republic of Korea, this Thematic Group aims to collect, analyze, and compare governance status and practices of each member state.

Digital Governance

Group Lead: Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea, the chair of the Digital Nations in 2022, proposed a new thematic working group with a theme of Digital Governance. This proposal was officially approved by ministers at the 9th Ministerial Summit held in Seoul, in November 2022. The following document describes the purpose and work plan of the thematic working group. If necessary, the chair and experts of the group can amend this document after consultation.

_ Context

Technologies and methodologies for digital services in the private sector have been developing and changing rapidly to deliver more effective and better services more quickly to meet the demand of the market and users. Meanwhile, users have growing expectations to digital services.


The public sector, also, has been making various efforts to secure agility and efficiency which can compete with that of the private sector. However, it is challenging to reflect current trends in the legal system and organizations, which underlie digital governance.


Member states need to continuously share the status and changes of each country’s governance and conduct a comparative analysis to collect basic information to develop governance for each digital government and discuss future development direction.

_ Purpose

This group aims to regularly release a report that collects, analyzes, and compares governance status and practices of member states for achieving digital government and share the report among members. The group’s medium to long-term target is to create a framework or guideline necessary for the development of the world’s digital governance through accumulated knowledge and consistent research.


_ Main Activity

  • Share and compare the current status and practices of governance in each member’s activities to achieve digital government

  • Publish an annual report containing research topics, activities, and outcomes and implications made by a year-long work of the group before the Ministerial Summit

  • Analyze the reports published by the group on an annual basis and draw implications from a long-term perspective(5-10years)

Digital Governance: Programs
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