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bringing a small piece of Canada to you


Minister of Digital Government Joyce Murray penned a few words welcoming you to the Digital Nations Summit.


What You Need to Know

We have worked hard to make this virtual summit a success. 
Since we are running things a little differently this year, here are some key documents to help you make the most of our meetings.

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How to Connect to the Summit


Detailed Summit Agenda (UTC)


Zoom Backgrounds


Experience Canada


Don't let the small fact you are not in Canada take away an opportunity to try some of our favourite recipes!

Listen to the sounds of Canada's music scene, wherever you are.


Cape Breton Highlands

As you hug the world-famous Cabot Trail coastline you'll wind through Cape Breton Highlands National Park, where lush, forested river canyons carve into the ancient plateau, edged by rust-coloured cliffs.


Winter in Banff

Whether you are here for a family adventure or a relaxing getaway, there is no better way to experience Banff’s pristine mountain landscape than to get out there in the snow.


The Dunes of Prince Edward Island

PEI National Park protects an extensive and fragile coastal dune system in which numerous rare plant species are found.


Nááts'įhch'oh National Park Reserve

Nááts'įhch'oh National Park Reserve is named after Nááts'įhch'oh the mountain – a powerful place for the people of the Sahtu. Near the Yukon-Northwest Territories border, the park is in the traditional lands of the Shúhtaot'ine (Mountain Dene), and home to grizzly bear, Dall’s sheep, mountain goats, and woodland caribou.




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