In 2018, Canada was welcomed into the Digital Nations, in recognition of Canada’s track record in leading digital government, including designing government services around citizens’ needs and sharing open government practices and solutions. Canada solidified this digital partnership by signing the Digital Nations Charter. Canada appointed the first Minister of Digital Government in July 2018 and shortly after announced the Government of Canada Digital Standards. The Standards outline how we will work differently in the digital age, by ensuring that users and their needs are at the heart of everything we do and leveraging digital technologies and methods to deliver the high-quality services Canadians expect. In addition, Canada created a public sector Digital Academy, the first-ever in Canada, giving public servants the cutting edge skills needed to deliver the digital government services Canadians expect.

Canada is changing how we work by leveraging open solutions, collaborating widely, and working in the open, iterating frequently, continuously improving, and becoming truly user-centred in all that we do. Canada is shifting to collaborative platforms, embracing social media, and promoting the responsible use of automation and artificial intelligence. Canada looks forward to continuing to advance digital government with our Digital Nations partners.

Canada signing D7 Charter

The Honourable Joyce Murray signs the D7 Charter to mark Canada's entry into the Digital 7, a group of leading digital governments.

22 February 2018 in Wellington, New Zealand


Our Canadian Colleagues


Joyce Murray

Minister of Digital Government


Marc Brouillard

Chief Information Officer of Canada
DN Senior Official

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Mark Levene

Senior Advisor for Digital Change
DN Lead