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4 March 2021

Digital Nations digital identity experts have recommended the endorsement of the Principles on Identification for Sustainable Development, after collaborating with the World Bank ID4D team through the DN Digital Identity thematic group.

14 September 2020

Governments should recognise and reinforce strategic value of digital 'minilateral' networks to learn, adopt and govern use of technologies.

By Dr. Tanya Filer & Dr. Antonio Weiss
Bennet Institute of Public Policy, Cambridge


November 2019

Digital Nations outline common goals in data management. The Data 360 Declaration was adopted by member countries at the Digital Nations Ministerial Summit in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Declaration, developed by the data thematic working group, acknowledges data as the foundation for the digital government in the 21st century.

20 December 2018

You may have heard of the D5 or D7 or D9, only to find that it is not entirely clear what it is or why the name keeps changing. Even a quick Google search does not provide a solid answer. Is it a military tank? A group of European countries? A 1990’s wrestling move? In this case, none of the above.


Key Documents

November 2020

The DN Charter is a non-binding document that outlines the key principles and governance for the Digital Nations group, signed by Ministers at the annual summit to reaffirm the commitment of the member country. The Charter was reviewed and updated in 2020.

November 2019

Drafted by the Data 360 working group, this shared declaration was presented at the D9 Ministerial Summit in Uruguay in 2019.

November 2018

Written by the Artificial Intelligence working group, this framework was adopted at the D9 Ministerial Summit in Israel in 2018.