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Working Groups: Programs

Thematic Working Groups

The Digital Nations has five thematic groups that focus on key areas of emerging technology

and issues in digital government.

Experts across the ten member countries work together to share best practices in artificial intelligence,

data, digital identity, sustainability, and digital governance.


Artificial Intelligence

Led by Mexico, this Thematic Group aims to promote the responsible implementation of AI within the Public Sector.  


Data 360

Led by Estonia, this Thematic Group seeks to promote a holistic view of Data within the Public Sector.


Digital Governance

Led by the Republic of Korea, this Thematic Group aims to collect, analyze, and compare governance status and practices of each member state


Digital Identity

Led by Portugal, the group focuses on the promotion of eID within member nations through the sharing of knowledge and experience


Sustainable Digital Government

Led by Canada, this Group aims to research and share knowledge towards greening government IT operations

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