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The Danish government’s digital ambitions include all levels of government, from central government to regions and municipalities - i.e. both the administrative institutions such as ministries, agencies, public sector institutions, and municipal and regional administrations, and hospitals, schools, universities, etc.

The Agency for Digitisation is the engine driving public sector collaboration towards digital transformation. The Danish digital transformation effort is therefore based on a unique common responsibility to embrace the digital mindset and the vision of a digital public sector. The private sector is a key partner in this regard. Furthermore, interacting with the public sector, businesses, trade organisations and NGOs are also contributing to finding common solutions for the digital transition and helping to secure the foundation for a strong and secure digital Denmark.

One of the main results of many years of Danish digitisation efforts is the provision of a single digital letter box for all official letters sent to citizens and businesses, Digital Post. Since November 2014, it has been mandatory for citizens over the age of 15 to receive digital official communications (digital letters) from the public sector.

Furthermore, it is mandatory for citizens in Denmark to use digital solutions to communicate in writing with the public sector. In order to make communication and information exchange between the public sector, businesses, and citizens as easy as possible, the agency is responsible for a wide variety of common public sector digital tools and solutions, ranging from the developing and operation of an eID/digital signature solution to websites aimed at citizens (the national citizen portal).

Now, among other projects, we are looking towards developing new generations of our national eID solution that will be renamed to MyID. We will also have new generations of the Digital Post solution and the EasyLogin with is the keyhole to the eID solution. The new infrastructure solutions will be put into operation in late 2020 and 2021. 

It is of utmost importance that our continued and ongoing investments in the digital infrastructure provide user-friendly, secure and up-to-date digital service to our citizens and businesses.

We usually say that “everyday life is digital". The public sector is gradually becoming fully digital and digitisation is becoming a prerequisite in a modern welfare society. Digitisation is a key driver for creating a coherent, accessible, and citizen-focused public sector.


Our Danish Colleagues


Nicolai Wammen

Minister for Finance

※ Photo by Morten Fauerby


Tanja Frank

DN Senior Official

Director General,

Agency for Digital Government

※ Photo by Agnete Schlichtkrull


Sarah Knudsen

DN Lead

Special adviser,

Agency for Digital Government

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