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The State of Israel is at an excellent start point for realizing the vision of the digital revolution. This is the result of the historic convergence of the materialization of innovative technologies and the leading international standing of Israel in technological innovation – which earned it the name the Start-up Nation. The next challenges facing the State of Israel are to establish its leading position in the world, accelerate and propel economic growth and ensure that the advantages of technology will permeate all stratums of society, contributing to narrowing social gaps and providing equal opportunity to all members of society.

​The National Digital Agency is a cornerstone of the Government’s effort to narrow expanding gaps in Israeli society and to create equal opportunities for all citizens. Owing to this initiative and the changes it will engender, every girl and boy in Israel will have the knowledge and digital infrastructures needed to realize his or her full potential, along with broad and equal access to the myriad opportunities offered by the technological world.

Israel: List

Our Israeli Colleagues

השר ניר ברקת.jpg

 MK Nir Barkat

Minister of Economy and Industry

Shira Lev-Ami.jpg

Shira Lev-Ami

DN Senior Official

CEO of the National Digital Agency


Carinne Cohen

DN Lead

Head of PR and International Affairs

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