Republic of Korea

Located in the middle of Northeast Asia, the Republic of Korea is surrounded by water on three sides with mountains accounting for 70% of the entire territory. The home of 51.42 million people, the Republic of Korea preserves a wealth of cultural heritage from literature, architecture, clothing to cuisine, and offers a vibrant combination of tradition and modernity.

Armed with innovative, talented citizens, the Republic of Korea has become one of the leading countries in information and communication technology in the world. Investing early on the R&D of cutting-edge technologies and fostering the industry, Korea has achieved economic and social development in a short period of time, providing better quality of life for its people. With the single mainframe computer introduced in 1967 to process census data, Korea has never stopped investing into making the country digital.

Over the years, many systems were developed and put into use with the aim of making the efficient, transparent, and convenient society for its citizens. In today’s rapidly changing environment, the Republic of Korea continues its transformation to empower the citizens, create a better ecosystem for its industries, and make safer and inclusive society for its people, using emerging technologies.


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Director of the Global e-Government Division
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Director of the Global e-Government Division
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