Portugal sits at the southwest point of Europe and is the country with the oldest borders in Europe. Its territory also includes the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira, both autonomous regions with regional governments. A sun shining country for half the year, it has an exceptional variety of landscapes just a short distance away, many different leisure activities and a unique cultural heritage, where tradition and modernity come together in perfect harmony – it’s no wonder Portugal was considered the world’s leading destination for the past two years.

Portugal’s government has also embraced modernity and works hard to make its citizen’s lives better, eliminating red tape and paving the way for a seamless government, making a wide range of public services completely digital and at the distance of a click, wherever one is: in the 21st century, the Portuguese get their medical prescriptions on their smartphones, sign any official documents digitally and have no need to fill tax declarations, as these are already pre-filled. Simultaneously, no one is left behind, as Portugal has been spreading its network of assisted digital points of contact.

These are just examples of an integrated, collaborative strategy where all government levels work towards the common goal of providing citizen-driven solutions, focusing on interoperable systems and easy and secure digital authentication mechanisms. The digital government strategy is implemented by AMA – Administrative Modernisation Agency, which sits in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, under the Governmental Area of the Presidency and Administrative Modernisation. Working with the public administration, AMA enables interoperability across the public - and sometimes private - sector and develops and implements key enablers that ensure citizens and business have an easy, transparent and efficient relationship with the Portuguese Public Administration.

At the Digital Nations, Portugal aims at sharing best practices and working with the Members of the group to bring improved public services to all Digital Nations countries and, ultimately, to the world. 


Our Portuguese Colleagues


Alexandra Leitão

Minister of the State Modernisation and Public Administration


Sara Carrasqueiro

Member of Board
DN Senior Official


Claudia Barroso

Director International ?
DN Lead