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Who We Are

Digital Nations is an international forum of leading digital governments.

Founded in 2014, our collective goal is to harness the potential global power of digital technology and help one another to become even better digital governments, faster and more efficiently through sharing and learning from each other. Each participant agrees to lead by example and contribute with its expertise on a non-binding, voluntary basis. The participants are connected by the principles of user needs, open standards, open source, open markets, open government, connectivity, teaching children to code, assisted digital and a commitment to share and learn.

Family photo at the virtual Ministerial Summit hosted in Ottawa, Canada in 2020.

Plaza Independencia, Montevideo, Uruguay

Mission Statement

We, Digital Nations, lead digital government transformation for the benefit of our citizens.

We do this by:

  • Developing cutting-edge digital policy and practice

  • Sharing approaches and best practices among members

  • Advancing members' international influence

  • Strengthening relations, building expertise and connecting digital leaders globally