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Data is power. It is a power often obscured by technical details, but it's a power that can change minds, changes policies, and change lives.

For its 2023 Presidency, Portugal will work with Digital Nations peers to explore the potential of data towards a more sustainable and resilient society..

Meet the Portuguese team

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DN co-hosted the first World Bank’s Global Govtech Forum on May 3-4 2023 in Washington, DC. The event convened around 150 thinkers, innovators, and practitioners from government,  and other international organisations to discuss "Governance in the Digital Era”.

Several DN representatives participated, including Portuguese Secretary of State & 2023 Digital Nations Chair, Mário Campolargo, as well as Sungjoo Son, Director at the Digital Government Cooperation Division, and Lee Yongsuk, Director General of Public Data Policy, both from the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (Korea) Rachel Tsang, Deputy Director for Digital Identity (UK), and Karime Ruibal, Citizen's Service Director (Uruguay).

More information, live streaming and replay here.

First drafted in 2014 for the Digital 5, the Digital Nations Charter is a foundational, non-binding document that outlines key shared principles and guides our activities going forward.

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